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Roca Networks Cybersecurity Services

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Security Checkup Threat Analysis Report

Your company network offers access to valuable and sensitive information.
Information that must never fall into the wrong hands. Can you be sure there aren’t any hidden “surprises” threatening your most precious data assets? No stealthy malware, back doors, data leaks or other security vulnerabilities? Early exposure to hidden threats will enable you to immediately address these risks and enhance security. With Roca Networks using Check Point Security Checkup, you can uncover security risks threatening your organization.
Security Checkup by Check Point is an assessment identifying security risks on your company network. At the end of the assessment, we provide a comprehensive threat analysis report. A security expert will go over this report with you, which includes all the security incidents detected during the assessment and recommendations on how to protect against these threats. Our experts will be your advisor, to help you address any security issues and make your organization more secure.